What Is An Enabling Agreement

NB: In the construction industry, the term “enabling work” generally refers to site preparation work that may take place prior to work under the main construction contract. The detailed conditions are set out in a subsequent (or parallel) contract to which the terms of the authorisation agreement are complementary. In a broad sense, an enabling agreement or contract is similar to a handshake agreement in that an exchange is agreed by the parties to the agreement (e.B. for the supply of goods or services for consideration), which sets out the very general terms but does not specify the detailed terms. The certificate of authority must be signed by the defendant on the same day that the RA`s confirmation and authorization agreement is partially executed by the defendant. With respect to respondents who do not have applicable authorization agreements that are entered into and in effect prior to the date on which the respondent makes an offer, SCE will not be deemed accepted and will not be bound by any provision unless an authorized representative of SCE executes a confirmation and authorization agreement with the defendant. The Defendant has obtained all necessary approvals, approvals and waivers that the Defendant may need to make its Offer and (a) is required to enter into and execute all necessary Authorization Agreements in the form of the applicable Authorization Agreements negotiated with SCE, and (b) a transaction with SCE under the applicable signed Authorization Agreement (if necessary) for the respective products, in the form of confirmation, if applicable, with SCE.iv. The Confirmation and Authorization Agreement shall be deemed to have been signed only when the authorized officers of the SCE and the respondent have signed and served the Confirmation and/or Authorization Agreement. VIII. The Contractor further acknowledges that a longer period of time is required with respect to the parameters of the EE names for the BCIB and the Commission to enter into an agreement on the NAMES of EEs […].

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