Tu Dortmund Erasmus Learning Agreement

Please send the entire application file as a PDF to int.mb@tu-dortmund or discard the documents in the mailbox (Room E05) in the mechanical construction building I. After getting a commitment and accepting the place, there are different things to do. It is necessary to collect information on the beginning and end of the semester as well as on the languages of courses at the foreign university. In addition, appropriate courses should be selected that correspond to or can be recognized at the TU Study Centres. The application for recognition of erasmus credits is available here: www.mb.tu-dortmund.de/cms/Mediapool/International/Antrag_auf_Anerkennung_der_Studienleistungen_WS1718.docxAjointement, students contact the respective coordinators. The addresses are available in the international coordination of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Finding a flight and accommodation is also part of the students` tasks, but you can always request accommodation from the International Office of the partner university. In addition, the establishment of the apprenticeship agreement is part of the students` tasks. This must be signed by you, then submitted to the international coordination of the faculty of mechanical engineering, and then sent to the partner university. The online acceptance declaration must also be completed and delivered, to learn more about international unity.

The checklist for download allows you to keep an overview of the documents to be submitted: www.aaa.tu-dortmund.de/cms/de/Dortmunder_Studierende/Studium_im_Ausland/Austauschprogramme_der_TU/Europa/ERASMUS/index.html, you can also send all the documents abroad: give us your foreign address for this. Internships in WiSe 2020/21 and SoSe 2021 can start first virtual. Apply for Erasmus before the virtual start of the internship, then receive up to 18.50 EUROS (LG1) per day in case of possible departure. For students with disabilities (from gdB 30%) and students who have to take a child abroad receive special assistance. Contact us very early. For more information on the recognition of the Faculty of Economics, click here. 1. Complete the online application form. (The English app is available here) The Erasmus program is a European Union success story and has been promoting the exchange of students and staff within Europe for more than 30 years. It is the largest mobility program at TU Dortmund University.

The exchange of students is based on Erasmus contracts, which the respective faculty has set up with partners at foreign universities. Students can therefore use their faculty cooperationa to study for one or two semesters abroad. After mobility1. In case of recognition, the following documents must be e-mailed to the study coordination: Belgium Bulgaria Denmark Germany Estonia (c) Finland “France” Greece (Greece) Ireland (c) Italy (c) Croatia (c) Latvia (c) Lithuania (c) Luxembourg Malta Netherlands (c) Austria Poland Portugal Romania Sweden (c) Slovakia (c) Slovenia (c) Spain (Spain) Czech Republic (c) Hungary (c) Cyprus In the spring of 2021, the Martin Schmei-er Foundation at the TU dortmund awards scholarships for final work with a stay abroad of at least 2 months Academic benefits, motivation for internship and past commitment are important factors for the selection of erasmus limited resources. However, in general, the chances of obtaining support are good for full application files. Only full months are promoted: If you are z.B.

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