Service Level Agreement For Car Rental

Tracking the progress of performance clauses ensures the strategic success of the program. Don`t rely on your fleet supplier to track performance. Set service tracking procedures, whether it`s maintenance, accident management, expense notes or invoices. Develop a bespoke service matrix that describes performance standards in key areas and sets the fine for non-compliance with minimum standards. This follow-up provides accountability that would not provide standards-integrated certificates of tolerance. Standards must be reasonable and fair. However, it is clear that flexibility is flexible, but that results must be achieved in a timely manner. Don`t be afraid to set dates and/or savings at certain intervals. The best agreements retain a degree of flexibility, but they also take into account the needs of both parties before they are implemented. There are many fleet service providers to choose from, each with a vast menu of services. Fleet services include maintenance and accident management, the purchase and availability of vehicles, and driver registration and training programs. When creating a quote request (RFQ), determine the basic services required by your fleet. More details from specific services on how providers respond.

Don`t limit contract savings to “hard” dollars. Saving “soft” dollars is also important. These savings apply in areas such as vehicle downtime, response time, punctuality when receiving reports, etc. This will be your Bible to measure the supplier`s performance based on what was discussed during the selection process. Your company`s goals may change over time, so don`t hesitate to communicate these changes with your fleet service providers. Not all creditors can provide the service. Most of their packages are designed in a one-size-fits-all-scenario. Try to find a supplier that tailors a package to all or most of your specific needs. A good rule of thumb is to choose and select the services that best meet the needs of your drivers. You will be assigned for the entire period you are in business with a supplier. Get from their input what they need for their work.

How you challenge your supplier to be more productive with excellent legal agreement is another key to making your business successful. Keep in mind that all fees and costs are negotiable and, most importantly, use common sense. The requirement for unrealistic service levels leads to an unfavourable relationship between the parties. You could risk a program that could be valuable to your business. Most fleet service providers can document the savings from packages they have designed. These include saving money on rent bills, claims, repair and maintenance. Lifecycle cost analysis is also important in determining savings. Consider all aspects of your fleet costs, in a fixed and variable way. When negotiating a service level contract, you include: don`t hesitate to set specific goals to hold your fleet service provider to account. Use our free car contract templates to automate contract modification and save paper and time by having them sign online or on your company`s computer or tablet. This digital limousine service contract model allows you to easily create, send and sign contracts for your limousine rental. Document the service provider`s demands to realize potential savings in areas such as repair, maintenance and accident management by reducing costs per vehicle or overall.

It is convenient to make a call and deal with all the problems. However, if the fleet service provider does not meet your objectives and does not communicate with you as described in advance, look.

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