Scotiabank Personal Line Of Credit Agreement

Access credit from your credit line via your mobile app, online banking, ABM, access card and cheques. A line of credit can help you manage your cash flow, especially for periods of the year when you have more financial requirements like a vacation or if you have irregular income. Consolidating your higher-rate credit card debt and other high-yield assets into a new line of credit at a lower interest rate can help you reduce monthly interest payments, which should help you pay off your debts faster. You may also find a useful line of credit as an emergency fund. It can help you cover unexpected expenses, such as. B large house repairs. A loan is also not a revolving credit, which means that once your loan is repaid, you will no longer have access to these funds and you will have to re-apply if necessary. In the case of a line of credit, comfort helps to use only once, with the availability of funds up to your available credit limit4. Ask for your credit limit for your line of credit based on your credit needs. If you lend money, you agree to repay it with interest over time. With a loan, you know it is paid over a fixed period with firm payments.

With a line of credit, you have the flexibility to pay back as much as you want or if you qualify, no more than interest than each month1. You can always pay your balance in full. You can continue to use your available credit and keep the line of credit available for your future needs.4 Enjoy special discounts on car rentals of up to 25% on participating review and budget car rental sites worldwide – just present your access card to each participating site, to pay your ScotiaLine credit account or visit, or call 1-800-TRY-AVIS (879-2847) and write the worldwide discount notice number C2196007 and offer yourself. For the budget, visit or call 1-800-268-8900 and quote budget business discount number A363300. For general pricing and Information on the ScotiaLine Line of Credit, please contact us at 1-888-882-8958. Scotiabank – PERSONAL CREDIT AGREEMENT COMPANION BOOKLET 1152714 (20.05.) | Pdf: 533 KB Here are the documents you need to apply for a ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit.

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