Jiffy Lube Franchise Agreement

Training Overview: Prior to the opening of the service centre, franchisees or day-to-day decisions (i.e. managers or delegates) of the franchised service center and, in the case of a company, those responsible for the operation of the franchised service center must successfully complete the Boot Camp franchise in Houston, Texas. While the franchise business is active, the franchisor will continue to offer management training to service centre managers or managers who will replace the original franchisee or manager in the service centre. Franchisees and their executives must be trained every five years. The franchisor may request additional and ongoing training from service centre managers and staff. Congratulations! Your boarding process will culminate with the opening of your new service centre, where you can introduce yourself and your services in your community as a proud Jiffy LubeĀ® franchisee. Obligations and limitations: The service centre must be placed under the personal supervision of the franchisee or under the personal supervision of a manager who has successfully completed business training. If franchisees choose and are allowed to offer Jiffy Lube Multicare, they must also have at least one technician who has obtained an ASE A5 certification for each store in his group. Franchisees cannot sell or offer products or services that the franchisor believes would divert attention from the Jiffy Lube concept. In other words, franchisees cannot offer major engine overhauls, gearbox overhauls, silencers, automotive paint or other services that are not related to services approved by Jiffy Lube at the Service Centre.

Franchisees cannot dethrone a lubricant service, a lubricating oil filter service or an oil and filtration service only approved in accordance with the VOCP service. Franchisees may not sell auto parts or supplies that are not related to franchisor services, or non-automotive products or services, unless parts or supplies or services are permitted. Financial support: SOPUS Products, the franchisor`s parent company, offers various financing programs to its clients, including Jiffy Lube franchisees. These programs may be discontinued or modified at any time without notice. To begin the process of becoming a Jiffy LubeĀ® franchisee, first make a call with a qualification specialist to ensure that you meet the basic requirements, including a credit and background check. In addition, you must complete a new franchise application and provide supporting financial documents. Then you have an introductory interview with the Jiffy Lube Recruitment Manager, who begins to evaluate leadership characteristics and interest in growth.

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