Dollar Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions

Debit cards can be used in restitution to pay for rental fees. Have a question about renting dollars? Browse the following information to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions. The application must be made for all other disposable rents and applicable surcharges. The tenant is insured for the duration of the tenancy 24 hours a day in or a-out of the vehicle. ESP is available on selected sites for tenants who are not from the United States. Citizens, including Canadians, non-valid U.S. citizens hold passports at the time of rental. ESP provides certain medical services for certain diseases that may occur during the 30-day or less rental period. The PSE also includes persons who have valid non-U.S. persons.

Passports at the time of rental travel with the tenant. Benefits include up to $10,000 per person for reasonable and usual medical costs for the necessary medical care in the event of a covered illness, including (A) medical or surgical care; (B) hospital services, supplies, x-rays and laboratory costs; (C) local ambulance and (D) visits to a medical practice and are subject to a deductible of $100 per person per illness. PS does not cover diseases for which symptoms began or were treated in the 12 months prior to the start of the rental period; spending outside the United States; The cost of glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids losses resulting from participation in racing, pro, intercollegiate or Interscholastic sports; losses due to accidents, cardiovascular disease, cancerous tumours, tuberculosis, organ transplantation, congenital diseases, deviant septums, cosmetic surgery, dental care, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, fertility/treatment of infertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and emotional or psychological disorders of any kind; and losses on trips against the advice of a doctor or during trips for medical treatment. The ESP does not apply in Mexico. Standard vehicles: 5000km for monthly rentals, AED 0.35 wires for each additional km. Personal Accident Insurance (IAP) allows the customer to choose accidental death and accident to cover medical expenses for tenants and passengers during the rental period of the vehicle. If this coverage is accepted, the benefits apply to the tenant for all accidental injuries during the rental period, the tenant being insured in or out of the rental vehicle. Passengers are checked in, exiting or occupying the rental vehicle. At the time of the tenancy, dollar offers purchase at the tenant`s choice, harmful losses (“LDW”), Protection Plus (PP), personal accident insurance (“PAI”), personal effects coverage (“CEP”), emergency health protection (ESP) and liability insurance supplement (“LIS”). Cost per day, coverage, supplier and availability vary depending on location, vehicle category and fare. Please refer to local policies to determine if read is required to travel to Canada and what the cost of such coverage is.

The optional products offered by DOLLAR can double the coverage by personal car insurance or tenant insurance, which the tenant may have through another source. The purchase of optional products is not necessary to rent the vehicle. Separate brochures, available on the rental site, summarize optional products. We charge a daily fee for each day or part of a day when the vehicle is rented for all the optional products you choose. A rental day consists of 24 consecutive hours, each day from the date of the lease. For a rental period of 29 minutes, a surcharge is charged.

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