Common Framework Agreement Hpc

35. In November 2013, it was reported that EDF Energy and the unite, GMB and UCATT unions have entered into a new employment contract for construction workers in the plant. The Common Framework Agreement (CFA) was concluded by an early commitment between EDF Energy as a contractor and the unions. In its written evidence to the committee, EDF confirmed that the agreement “excluded, in particular, any form of blacklisting for both EDF Energy and our contractual partners.” [49] Kevin Coyne, National Officer for Energy and Utilities for Unite, commented that the agreement “establishes a new standard for pay, conditions and apprenticeship places” and that it is “a state-of-the-art agreement for a new state-of-the-art nuclear project at Hinkley Point.” [50] The SAR stated that it would “ensure that the signatory unions will have the facilities necessary for workers to be treated fairly”[51], while Steve Murphy, UCATT General Secretary, said the agreement would serve as a “model for all major construction projects to come.” [52] TETRAMAX focuses on the low-energy computing sector for cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things as part of the… 47. However, EDF and the unions were convinced that the relatively unusual circumstances of the HPC project should not mean that the agreements reached are not reproducible for other projects. Barbara Jones, EDF`s head of human resources, told us that “the spirit in which this was done” involves working together between contractors, unions and contractors and is “absolutely reproducible.” [73] The trade union representatives agreed and stated that the basis of the terms of the agreement was EDF`s willingness, as a client, to cooperate usefully with them. [74] Steve Murphy also pointed out that the government was the largest individual customer in the UK construction sector and accounted for about 80% of all orders. [75] It should therefore be able to exert similar influence over its contractual partners. 51 Back ETP4HPC organized, in collaboration with the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), a technical exchange meeting aimed at improving a common technical language… The EPI consortium was selected and signed an agreement with the European Commission and planned the first phase of development.

The european processor initiative`s specific grant agreement (EPI-SGA1: 826647) was then signed and the consortium launched the project in December 2018. The research centre in J-lich (FZJ) organized a mini-workshop on the theme “Preparing for PRACE Exascale Systems” as part of the WP7 F2F meeting.

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