Apuc Framework Agreements

Established in 2007, the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) group is a centre of excellence in public procurement, working with 19 higher education institutions and 23 training institutions in Scotland to promote cooperation, innovation and value. The OCLC scored points in both quality and Price to achieve the highest score in the framework evaluation process. ESPO is a professional procurement organization in the public sector. The framework is available to all public bodies in the UK. This framework agreement is made available to full and associate members and future members of regional procurement consortia in the UK as follows: this initial two-year framework agreement is not exclusively for Scottish institutions and can be used by members of other regional HE and FE purchasing groups in the UK. THE Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) Limited is the centre of excellence for public procurement for all Scottish universities and colleges, originally created in response to the McClelland Report: Review of Public Procurement in Scotland, which was the subject of recommendations for public procurement reform. THE central vision of THE APUC is: “Maximise Scotland`s investments in training and higher education by working in partnership with institutions to support and make sustainable innovations in the acquisition and optimization of common services possible.” For more information on THE APUC, see www.apuc-scot.ac.uk/. G-Cloud is a framework in which UK public bodies can choose and purchase cloud computing services through a front-end catalogue called Digital Marketplace. As a pre-approved supplier for this framework, PTFS Europe has demonstrated its ability to provide a library management system that combines quality and value. Framework for library management systems and related services to universities and higher education institutions in Scotland, including the provision of all software and licensing. Potential services include: implementation of the system, migration support, assistance and maintenance, accommodation.

The necessary solutions should be able to work effectively in environments with multiple campus sites. The framework agreement includes: Section 4C.1.2 ESPD asks for at least one relevant example of the past experience of suppliers who have tendered for this framework contract and/or the services performed over the past three years. This is a framework agreement for several suppliers. Outsourcing is not a significant part of the total expected expenditure. PTFS Europe is a designated supplier for this framework. University and university acquisition teams can access the full buyer`s guide, including the PTFS rate card, via the links below to the buyers` portal. APUC Limited is the centre of excellence for shopping at all Scottish universities and colleges. The framework requirement can be used by full-fledged or associate members and future members of the UK`s regional higher education procurement consortia. Das replaces LASA (Corporate Software Solutions and Local Authority Software Applications) frameworks. The DAS framework is used to provide and support technology-managed business solutions, to provide software, services and any additional hardware. At the institutional level, we see how purchases work to safeguard essential items for business continuity reasons and to work closely with bottlenecks and critical suppliers.

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