Afscme Council 28 Collective Bargaining Agreement

This agreement will be circulated to members for ratification next week. Feel free to get a summary of TA, the full TA and more details on ratification. On 17 September, our negotiating team concluded a Provisional Agreement (TA) for the period 2021-2023. The negotiating team is in favour of the treaty and asks you to vote `yes`. Tonight, after 22.m. our general government bargaining team has reached a preliminary agreement with the state for the period 2021-2023: therefore, the collective agreement negotiated by the union and your employer will continue to set the terms of your employment and the union will continue to represent you in complaints, the application of the contract, disciplinary assistance or other procedures governed by the collective agreement. On Monday, our government bargaining team met again with management to discuss our 2021-2023 collective agreement. Below is a brief update as well as ways to help us get a strong contract. Our next negotiating meeting is scheduled for August 20. We are committed to ensuring that public servants are treated fairly with compassion and respect.

Stay on the updates. Current agreements from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021. Our elected bargaining team continued contract negotiations with the state on Monday. Learn more about what we discussed and how you can help us build a better future for public servants. We were together and we won wage increases, we protected health care, raised the minimum wage and much more! Our 2019-2021 collective agreements come into effect this month. Upload your contract at the bottom. People have many reasons not to want to support a union. Some simply do not believe that the services provided by a union are worth the fees it collects.

Others may think that a union`s unique agenda does not serve them well because they are new to the profession, have a specialty that is not recognized in negotiations, or they think their effectiveness is under-compensated. Some are upset by the role of unions in setting up and defending underperforming workers. .

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