About Paris Agreement

There are also serious legal and constitutional issues. Foreign leaders in Europe, Asia and around the world should have no more to say about the U.S. economy than our own citizens and their elected representatives. That is why our withdrawal from the agreement is a reaffirmation of America`s sovereignty. (Applause) Our Constitution is unique among all the nations of the world, and it is my greatest commitment and honour to protect it. And I will. The quality of each country on track to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement can be continuously monitored online (via the Climate Action Tracker[95] and the Climate Clock). No responsible leader can inflict this crippling and enormous disadvantage on the workers – and the people – in their country. The fact that the Paris Agreement is holding the U.S. back while it strengthens some of the world`s most polluting countries should dispel any doubt as to why foreign lobbyists want to keep our great country tied and bound by this agreement: it`s about giving their country an economic advantage over the United States. It won`t happen as long as I`m president. I am sorry.

(Applause) In addition, countries are working “to reach a global peak in greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.” The deal has been described as an incentive and driver for the sale of fossil fuels. [13] [14] This agreement not only limits our citizens to severe economic restrictions, but also does not meet our environmental ideals. As someone who is very attached to the environment, which I am doing, I cannot support in good conscience an agreement that penalises the United States – which it does – the world leader in environmental protection, while the world`s main polluters are not subject to sensible obligations. The Paris Agreement is the first universal and legally binding global agreement on climate change adopted at the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) in December 2015. The authors of the agreement set a timeline for the withdrawal that President Trump must follow, which mitigates him to irreparably harm our climate.

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